Bankruptcy lawyer, Stephanie McAleer, is an attorney who deals in personal bankruptcy. The vast majority of her practice is Chapter 7 bankruptcy as well as Chapter 13. The Law Office of Stephanie McAleer has successfully represented approximately 1000 individuals in bankruptcy and can guide you through this system with confidence, ease and integrity.

We our located in Newburgh.

Law Firm of Stephanie McAleer.

Chapter 7 or Chapter 13

This page is designed to help individuals find information about bankruptcy law who are burdened or overwhelmed by debt. To start, we recommend that you call my office. I will see if you're a good candidate for bankruptcy, and let you know the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy, alternatives to bankruptcy, Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13. I will tell you what happens to assets such as your car and home, your credit after bankruptcy, what happens at court, and more. I will give you a price quote and answer any remaining questions you have.

Truth & Justice

Typically, the fee for our services ranges from $600-1000. If you would like an exact quote, please contact me. We start with $200 down and set up a monthly payment plan on the remainder. Once you pay the $200 retainer you may then refer your creditors to our office and we will deal with them. Then we ask that you make a payment you can afford once every 30 days.

Choosing a Bankruptcy Attorney

When choosing a bankruptcy attorney you should have confidence that your attorney will be kind,

courteous, easily accessible and have excellent bankruptcy skills. We hope this is helpful.

General Pratice Lawyer

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